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Bargain Sneakers for Women

Sneakers don't have to be expensive. Here's a collection of popular women's sneakers on Amazon, some for as low as $7.99! With these prices you can have sneakers to match any mood or outfit.

Great Women's Hiking Boots

Good hiking boots are essential for a fun and safe outdoor adventure. They come in a variety of weights and heights--what’s best for you depends on the terrain you’ll be covering and your own preferences. One advantage of lighter weight boots is that they can double as a good walking shoe around town--if you want a more shoe-like option, you should take a look at these great trail shoes, or even trail runners, if you run on paths or trails and want more support than regular running shoes provide. Heavier boots are versatile too--you can use them in snow, or even as work boots. You’ll want to look for boots made from a waterproof breathable fabric, for maximum comfort in any conditions. Here we’ve selected twelve of the highest-rated boots on Amazon, all from reputable vendors with long histories of quality outdoor products.

Great Women's Trail Shoes

A collection of popular and well rated shoes for light hikes or if you're just looking for a rugged everyday shoe. If you're looking for boots for rougher terrain or backpacking, check out our list of Great Women's Hiking Boots.